About Abby

Abby Paden is a transgender woman, writer, and software developer. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Health and Life Sciences Analytics at National University and writing her next novel, Maggie, the follow-up to her successful novel Rosalind (written under her dead name).


Abby is a trans activist, dedicated to fighting for equal rights for trans folks as well as all marginalized people. She regularly speaks at panels in the Bloomington area, specifically at Indiana University and Ivy Tech Community College about her experience as a transgender woman, and how to educate the community about transgender issues.

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Abby Paden

Priestess of Pickles

In her spare time, Abby plays electric guitar and bass. Her current axes include a Fender Telecaster, a 12-string Danelectro, and a Squier Jazz Bass. She also plays maid to her cat, Lynx, who epitomizes the phrase 'smelly cat.'

She also sleeps on the floor.

For real.

It's a thing.

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