Indiana Republicans Shame Women’s March Protesters

In a state where this sort of behavior against women is common, Indiana Republicans shame women’s march protesters a day after nearly 4 million women around the world marched in protest against misogyny, discrimination, and male-dominated governmental restrictions on what a woman can and can’t do with her own body, Indiana Republicans saw an opportunity to reach across the aisle and reply to their message: “you’re fat.”

[WATCH]: Indiana Republicans shame women’s march protesters.

On Monday, Republican Senator Jack Sandlin posted a meme fat-shaming women across the nation and the world as they marched for pay equality, reproductive rights, employment equality, and myriad other rights that other, more pale groups, enjoy.

In a disturbing trend, other lawmakers joined in with more attacks against women, while seemingly condoning violence against them. In a Facebook post from another Indiana lawmaker, Rep. Jim Lucas (R), it shows a police officer in full riot gear spraying an unarmed woman in the face with what appears to be mace. The woman in the picture is not seen with a weapon or any device that could be considered a weapon. The magnitude of the spray, however, rivals that of a garden hose on full blast. Lucas’ response to the post (perhaps his version of an apology), was “Apparently, my sense of humor is not shared by many on the Left …,” reported WTHR.

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Lucas was also the author of another misogynistic Facebook post involving his views on women.

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Both men, who’ve removed their posts with all of the alacrity of sap creeping to the ground, were forever immortalized in Facebook and Twitter today. Whether or not these men learned that the internet is always on and that anything posted is always there, is unknown.

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[Opinion]: Contrition can be a beautiful and uplifting experience. It can also be a device for political expediency. What version will these men offer, if any, to women who risked their lives, their social capital, and their reputations defending each other while the dishes piled up around these bozos for a whole day?

Update: The picture containing the woman being sprayed with mace is from a protest in Brazil, but that is not the point. The point is that a man who holds a position in our government thinks this type of violence against women is funny.