Compiling lists of links for LGBT resources is a never-ending pleasure. While it can seem tedious at times, it is so amazing to know how many resources are out there for people of all races, all ages, all socio-economic background, and gender. This list is a living entity. We have internal measures to monitor broken links in order to make sure you have access to valid, current information. In case we miss one, please feel free to notify us immediately.

LGBT Folks of Color

LGBT people of color are the most marginalized group within the LGBT community, with trans women of color suffering the most physical forms of violence, suicidal rates, and murder rates. Trans women of color are also the most neglected section in our community, which makes intersectionality in the community all that more important.


MAP – African American
MAP –¬†Latinos & Hispanics
Native Out


There is only one link in this section, but it isn’t because we are old-fogies who don’t care. The CDC website literally has over 20 different links catering to LGBT youth. So, rather than drop them all here, we left them in a central location for ease of use.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention



Adult issues can differ from the younger generation. Here are some links dealing specifically with them.



Aging Transgender

Aging transgender folks are not the most neglected in your community (I would say that trans people of color have everyone beat on that) but they are very misrepresented in our community, so we wanted to add special attention to this section and provide as many links as possible. Remember, we are all going to be here someday!

TAN (Transgender Aging Network)
Trans-Health – Aging

Law Services

Lambda Legal