President Trump Removed LGBT Protections From Department of Labor Website

President Trump removed LGBT Protections Minutes After Inauguration

President Trump removed LGBT protections from the Department of Labor’s website this week while no one was looking. The unsurprising news comes on the day of his inauguration as 45th President of the United States of America.


The documents, which existed early this week, have been removed, leaving users a “404 Page Not Found” landing instead. The links are listed below:

What the administration hopes to gain from this unnecessary maneuver, is anyone’s guess. What does this mean for LGBTQ+ workers? At best, it means an uncertain future in earning power and financial security for LGBTQ families across the nation.

What’s even more disturbing is that, despite the fact that President Trump removed LGBT protectionsthe White House LGBT page was also taken down.

The ‘Donald’ removed LGBT protections from workers everywhere.

The move is baffling, considering the President’s inauguration speech touted concepts like ‘unity’ and ‘pride’, according to Metro Weekly.

Trump, in the past, has flirted with support for the LGBTQ+ Community, saying at the end of his victory speech that “This time, the terrorist targeted the LGBTQ community. No good, and we’re going to stop it. As your president, I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology. Believe me.”

The romance between Trump and the LGBTQ community was short-lived when what was not said became apparent. It’s great that Trump mentioned LGBTQ people in his speech. It’s even better that he offered to protect us from foreign ideology. What is troubling is that he said nothing about protecting us from Christian / Dominionist / Republican ideology that has become a large part of Trump’s political infrastructure and support base.

Trump speaks to crowd.
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There is no mention as to whether the policies that were removed will be replaced with more ‘Trumpified’ (or should we say Pencified) edicts, but the fact remains that for millions of LGBTQ Americans, the ‘Great America’ that Trump talked about in his speech might not include them.

Let’s not forget that Trump has the power, also, to nullify every single executive order that President Obama put in place to protect LGBTQ folks.

President Trump removed LGBT protections on the same day he called for unity in America. Is this what Americans can expect to call leadership for the next four years?


The Department of Labor contains an archive with documentation on the Advancement of LGBT Rights located here: LGBT Report. It is unclear what the next step is for the Trump Administration, but the White House website is apparently undergoing a massive redesign that might be attributed to the new regime change. Further assessments of this move will be monitored and updates will be reported.

Update 1/23/17: It appears that the archive site mentioned in the first update is now missing as well. More as this develops.


(Featured image taken from the Huffington Post)