Republicans Kill Transgender Bathroom Bill In Virginia

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Republicans kill ‘transgender bathroom bill’ again, surprising conservatives today when a committee led by Republicans voted not to pursue the legislation in Virginia, reported the Washington Post. The news comes on the eve of President-elect Trump’s inauguration.

While Trump supporters are scratching their heads, Republican state officials are sending a message to their constituents that, while they may not be supporting the LGBTQ+ Community through these actions, they might be hoping to avoid a similar situation that occurred in North Carolina when the HB-2 amendment was made law, costing the state an estimated $630 million dollars in lost revenue, according to Forbes.

The same thing happened recently in Indiana where Rep. Bruce Borders (R) introduced legislation to make it illegal to change a person’s gender on their birth certificate at all, if that birth certificate was issued in Indiana, according to the Indianapolis Star. After fellow Republican, Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer, R-Beech Grove, killed the bill in lieu of focusing on Indiana’s heroin and opioid problem, Borders backtracked on move saying, “This was not a philosophically driven thing,” he said. “I just respect accuracy in all legal records.”

In Texas, House Speaker Joe Straus expressed concern that the ‘bathroom bill’ introduced by Gov. Dan Patrick would lead to similar economic repercussions North Carolina faced when entertainers and sports events pulled their concerts and events from the state over the bill, possibly leading to an estimated loss of $8B in state revenue, according to Pink News.

In Virginia, at least for now, transgender folks can legally use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.

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